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Winter In My Heart

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Winter In My Heart
It seems like every time winter makes its grand appearance I am completely unprepared for the cold weather! Do you ever say to yourself "I made it through last winter without getting a proper jacket and I was totally fine!"?
I do. And yet I seem to forget the three trips to the doctor's rooms and seventeen types of alternative health flu remedies that are now taking up all the space in the pantry! The irony of this situation is that I tell literally every single one of my customers that if they invest in one great item this season - it should be a knit or jacket that is versatile and works with most of their clothes to keep them warm this Winter (insert eye-roll towards myself here)!

This season we have the most luxurious selection. From blue velvet puffers to Aztec inspired multi-coloured knits and leopard car coats (if you read this fast it sounds like I'm describing an exotic animal sanctuary).


Animal prints and textures that remind you of baby bears have made a massive comeback! Our Le Temps Des Cerises bomber shaped shag jacket is the perfect example.

We have focused on comfort and style but not forgotten about the item having an edge... To set you apart, ever so subtly. 

Luckily we don't order items that only work for European Winters. We are realistic about the climate - however unstable it may be Mr Trump! - so most of the jackets we stock are multi seasonal and we think they will be an investment as you'll totally rock them in Autumn and even on a fresh Spring day! 

You work for your clothes so why not make them work for you? 

Miss M

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